The End Movie Review

Title : The End
    Rating :1.5/5
    Directed by : Rahul Sankrityan
    Produced by : Koteswara Rao
    Starring : Yuva Chandraa, Sudhir Reddy, Gazal somaiah, Pavani Reddy
    Music by : Vamsi & Hari


Rajeev Mathews(Sudhir Reddy) is a married software engineer who lives with his wife Priya(Pavani Reddy )in a big farm house in the city outskirts of Hyderabad. One day, his friend Gautam visits him from the US, and both of them spend in the farm house. By the time Gautam returns from Goa, Rajeev gets hospitalized.

A curious Gautam inquires with Rajeev as to what happened to him suddenly. Rajeev reveals a shocking truth that his wife Priya has been possessed by evil spirits. Both the friends rush to the farm house to check on Priya. They try to confront her but Priya gets quite aggressive. During the course of this, Rajeev accidentally kills Priya. Rest of the story is as to how both the friends get out of this terrible situation and manage to hide the killing.

Positive Aspects:

Major positive aspects of the film is the interesting story, which was characterised around limited characters is quite good. Sudheer Reddy brought superb emotions in his role of a frustrated husband.
Yuvaa Chandraa gives a better performance and surprises at the end. Showcase the film in a good lighting and hood screen play with the characters. A tension will beign generated in the second half of the film.

Negative Aspects:

The negative aspects of the film is too lengthy. Director drags in the story in second half of the film. The sound track is pretty good and unnecessary twists are beign played.

Technical Aspects:-

Director Rahul has impressed with his first film.Camera work in the film is good and the screen play of the film is also good compare to second half of the movie. Dialogues are pretty good and suits the situations.Editing was pretty good as the film is lengthy have to chopped 15 minutes.


As we conclued the the whole part of the film was quite thrilling. If you are interested with a thrillers vision we can. The film was good and enjoy with thrillers.