Thaman Music Studio Damaged due to Chennai rains

The relentless downpours, which attacked the city of Chennai and a few ranges in Tamil Nadu and abutting areas in Andhra Pradesh, have left a trail of property harm and loss of lives. While a few units of Army, Navy and NDRF have sprung enthusiastically to save individuals stranded in a few sections of Chennai, it’s just now that individuals are starting to evaluate the harm done to their property.

Music chief SS Thaman, who has a major studio in Chennai, was stunned to see that all the hardware in his studio was harmed because of stagnation of water. “I simply saw my studio it’s in a horrible awful state lost every one of our types of gear everything s jus submerged in water … 🙁 #HelpChennai (sic),” Thaman posted on Twitter. For as far back as quite a long while, he has been working out of his studio in Chennai to form and record melodies for scores of Telugu and Tamil movies.

In spite of the fact that Thaman is doing fine and effectively tuning in salvage endeavors, alongside scores of others from Tamil film industry, the accurate expense of harm done to his studio will be known in the following couple of days, once the water dies down. He’s at present taking a shot at Allu Arjun-Boyapati Sreenu’s film, aside from Balakrishna’s next film, Dictator in Telugu, alongside a chosen few movies in Tamil and Kann