Temper Live Updates

All sets for first show in Hyderabad at Kukatpally @5:00 Am. A big festival for Nandamuri Fans

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NTR Temper Movie Live Updates will be starts from @5:00Am… Stay tune to 365cinekhajana.com

7:50AM:- keep watching for full movie review

7:45AM:- movie end

7:40AM:- climax fight is going on

7:35AM:- now NTR Dialouge in court about Girls rapes……

7:30AM:- now the moving is running towards climax

7:25AM:- A small twist is reveal Ntr is come back with powerfull

7:20AM:- now Devudaa Devudaaa song is rolling

7:15AM:- some scenes between kajal and NTR it runs toward the songs

7:15AM:- NTR steps in songs is asome

7:10AM:- theme songs is rolling

7:05AM:- sonia Aggarwal entrance has a sister of NTR

7:00AM:- some scenes between kajal and NTR that kajal hates NTR that he reveal his Flashback to kajal 10min

6:55AM:- NTR later he represent the court powerfull dialouges in court about political system

6:50AM:- due to corruption police department dimiss the NTR

6:40AM:- Dialouges between NTR and Minister…

6:35AM:- one more song rolling….

6:30AM:- Posani dialouge between NTR..

6:25AM:- Great start after Interval….

6:15AM:- Its time to interval….

6:10AM:- Film heading towards Interval….with a Fight scene

6:05AM:- Intresting secens with NTR….

6:00AM:- love scenes are funny and romantic……

5:55AM:- Entrance of Kovali sarala as Kajal Mother

5:50AM:- Second song rooling………

5:45AM:- Entrance of Ali and Saptagiri witha comedy

5:40AM:- Kajal and NTR secens are rolling with animal crossing comedy

5:35AM:- First Song….Iteam song….rooling

5:30AM:- NTR Transfered…., NTR and Prakash Raj dialouges are superb

5:25AM:- scenes of NTR and Kajal Aggarwal

5:20AM:- Entrance of Kajal Aggarwal as animal lover

5:15AM:- Prakash Raj entrance

5:10AM:- NTR Way to going to corrupted…

5:05AM:- NTR entry with a jeep….named as Daya

5:00AM:-Titles are rooling…..

4:57AM:- Hi, we are bringing much awaited NTR’s Temper Movie Live Updates shortly…

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@RGVzoomin Off to Bramharamba theatre to watch the 5 o clock show of Tarak’s and Jagan’s Temper..first time I ever did in more than 30 years

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