Surya vs Surya to be release on 5th March

Nikhil, Trida starrer ‘Surya vs Surya’. Suraksh Entertainment India Pvt Ltd is producing the film under the banner of Karthik Sivakumar. Malkapuram Ghattamaneni director Baby Trisha presentation. Shooting has been completed. Is currently in post-production. On March 5, to be hit in 700 theatres. Chitra team at a press conference in Hyderabad on Tuesday on the occasion of the establishment of the protagonist Nikhil said today pumpkin kottam this film. So far the action, comedy, thriller movies I’ve done all sorts of things. Mundukuravatam audience for the first time is going to be a beautiful love story. Love, fun, sentiment, combined with all the elements of the film. Dhipharent go Joyner. Satyamahavir songs getting a good response. Andivvabotunnam good movie audience. ‘Swami’, ‘Kartikeya’ films, this film is a success, Will looked beyond. Holly on the day before the release was happy.

The director said, “Sun, sun, Chitra theme of this conflict between the youth,” he said. The producer said, “I have no interest in coconut hitting the day, the members of the unit appeared to hit the pumpkin seems to enjoy that day. Each unit has worked hard to make this film lies in the perception of family members. The director of this movie a hundred times, amazingly focused than anticipated. In addition to gaining a better audio propaganda films. Nikhil life haunting film. Most of his career was released in theaters. 700 hundred theaters around the world will release the film.