Subramanyam For Sale Success Meet and Platinum Function

Megastar Chiranjeevi sayidharamtej nephew, Regina pair of hit films produced and directed by srivenkatesvara harissankares dilraju creations produced under the banner of love and family entertainer “Subramaniam is for sale.” The film was released on September 24 with the super hit talk achieving good collections speed path to success. Chitra unit in the wake of the success meet in Hyderabad on Monday organized the event along with the platinum disc. On this occasion ..

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Dil Raju said, ” Thanks for the success of the film Subramaniam is for sale. Aidavaroju it was released. To date the film Housefull also runs two Telugu states. Tej sayidharam a superstar to megastar’s family came from the collection of the range is glad to arrive. Tej rocking. The movie is full of determination to build on this success by Harish Shankar. Mr. Ram Prasad’s cinematography was excellent photography work. Scenes in America, dove Myna Song picturisation .. very good for us to have aprisiyesans. Gautanrajugaru with his editing work, the film was cut without logging in. Jemeyar Mickey was the first time a commercial music director. Regina, including happening to every artist, Technician to Thanksgiving, “he said.

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Sayidharam said Tej ” We do not know about her going too. The reason I’m doing this movie with my friends. They had to listen to this story. I liked hearing. If I miss a lot if you do not ayyundevadini. Thanks to select me for the making of the film Harish Shankar. Thanks for believing in me and good for authors writing scenes. As Ram Prasad Rao showed me some hand. Krantikumar in the Early Stage Support uncle, a well-placed as a producer. Sri Venkateswara Creations banner stood out to me as well as support. Dil Raju, Sirish, Lakshman Thanksgiving. Nilabadutunnadu harsit up for me as well. And also thanks to him. Rao Ramesh Rao, the actor dedikesan. Acted with him and learned a lot of things. The film was mikkigaru energetic music. Regina was introduced three years. The heroine is a good quest. I have learned many things from her. Kostar good. Other actors also gave good support. The film made ​​a big hit, thanks to the audience, ” he said.

Said Harish Shankar ” Success peyilyurs Relations, which is based on the Dill King, people like that are rare in the industry. Jayapajayalato regardless of the person who believes in human talent. He believed that, due to the success of the saporte Subramaniam is for sale. Harsit to the second production of the film. This film is very hard. The reason to shoot himself in the US as well. Maintained very close. Vennudunnuga finished. Mickey has provided the background score for the film plus. Tezu very hard for the film. He dances, the dialogue has to take care on each. Next Star hero. I have reason to make him an ego. Audiences are repeated. I have a big hit than expected. From level to level, he was a blockbuster hit, the film proud. Each of Artist, Technician thought we worked sinimalaga ” he said.

Speaking harsit ” Tej Rai in the film after a six-pack of Harish Shankar garu I showed the photos. He is the guy at the sight of a crowbar unnadura annaruitanito Fix contribute to the film. The title is going to say that again. He was telling the story of Tej annattugane, the movie is going to start, that’s the film I was working. There is a lot of hyapiga. Mr. Harish Ram Prasad’s Ideas in the mind-blowing feature. Thanks to everyone that contributed to the success, “he said.

Rao Ramesh ” I vellinappudalla out of the film comes to a good response. Everyone went to the next level sayidharam Teg said. Harish Shankar is the ego. As he introduced in me from another angle. Ayanante me so mad. This is why imitet him. I got a very good name. Mr. Harish want tisukellipotaru ekkadiko an actor. Each film was a hit, who, along with my classmates. Harish Shankar-in-law showed me anew. Hyapiga being part of the film is a hit, ” he said.

cinematographer siramprasad ” Sayidharam Tej’s film, which means a lot to me, to love istamtanani. I want to do more good films in the future with Harish Shankar, ” he said.

The event Sirish, Bhaskar Bhats, Chandra, Satish vegnesa, Suman, Randhir, Shastri, totaprasad, Shri Prabhas, drug, being attended by a super-hit movies have expressed their happiness.

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