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Time: 6:52AM :- The End, Keep watch this space for Review

Time: 6:50AM :- Climax fight in beer factory, Mukesh dead…the movie is abort to end

Time: 6:48AM :- Movie heading towards climax with an effective fight scenes

Time: 6:45AM :- Again the movie scored to village

Time: 6:40AM :- Story headed back to city

Time: 6:35AM :- Sentimental speech to village by Jagapathi Babu

Time: 6:30AM :- A fight is rolling hot hot.

Time: 6:25AM :- Its time for Dimmatirige Song


Time: 6:18AM :- Mukesh fix a spot to Mahesh at Mamidithota

Time: 6:15AM :- A small speech by Prince about Human relations

Time: 6:10AM :- Comedy scene between Shruthi hassan and Kishore

Time: 6:05AM :- Mukesh Rushi smashes the Jagapathi Babu’s work

Time: 6:00AM :- Heading towards flashback is gona revele by Rajendra Prasad

Time: 5:56AM :- Hillarious comedy scene between Ali, Vennela Kishore

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Time: 5:50AM :- Oori dattathu dilouge now

Time: 5:46AM :- Mahesh Babu planned to change the village, stared school construction

Time: 5:42AM :- A scene between Vennela Kishore and Mahesh

Time: 5:40AM :- Ali enterd as Mahesh Babu room mate

Time: 5:38AM :- Movie Headed to village

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Time: 5:28AM :- A small fight and its time for Interval

Time: 5:25AM :- Movie heading towards interval

Time: 5:20AM :- Rahul Ravindran cheats mahesh babu family

Time: 5:16AM :- Its time for Love propose

Time: 5:12AM :- Cut, story moved to village

Time: 5:07AM :- Its time for Charusheela Song

Time: 5:05AM :- A fight scene between Shravan and Mahesh

Time: 5:00AM :- Mahesh superb dilouge warns Mukesh “BAD ANTE NEELA KADU ADO RAKAM

Time: 4:55AM :- Tejaswi entered into the scene..

Time: 4:52AM :- Second Villan entered

Time: 4:47AM :- Its time for Second song

Time: 4:46AM :- Mahesh joines in college for Charusheela

Srimanthudu Movie Review by “Kiaara Sandhu”

Time: 4:42AM :- Charusheela you are beautiful coated by Mahesh Babu

Time: 4:40AM :- vennala Kishore entered as a Birthday boy

Time: 4:38AM :- Just now villan have entered to the scene

Time: 4:34AM :- Rajendra Prasad enter as village man by helping people

Time: 4:32AM :- Mahesh Babu first sight love starts..

Time: 4:30AM :- Gorgeous Shruthi Hassan entered with charming..

Time: 4:29AM :- Mahesh Babu respects human values, he treats employee like family members

Time: 4:25AM :- Jagapathi Babu planned marriage for Mahesh Babu but he rejects..

Time: 4:20AM :- Prince not intrested of thousands of crores business

Time: 4:15AM :- Jagapathi Babu doesn’t like Mahesh Babu character for Sri Rama Utslavalu…

Time: 4:10AM :- Superb entry of Prince mahesh babu on cycle with a rolling of Raamuloru song…

Time: 4:06AM :- Jagapathi Babu made an entry by landing a Fight

Time: 4:03AM :- Titles are scroling now…

Time: 4:00AM :- The theater was fully crowded with all the fans…

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