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The film is directed by AR Murugadoss, also stars Rakul Preet and SJ Suryah in the lead roles.Spyder is sci-fi thriller movie consisting of all elements love, comedy, and mass masala. Mahesh Babu has given a Top Notch Performance. Go for it!

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Time:3:15AM: Finally MB address public share love.

Time:3:10AM: Climax fight scene in Hospital….

Time:3:05AM: Movie heading towards Climax…

Time:3:00AM: Big boulder scene was superb…..

Time:2:50AM: Mahesh Babu comedy timing is good

Time:2:40AM: MB conduct a Game show with a full of comedy bit scenes

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Time:2:35AM: S. J. Surya escaped from Mahesh Babu attack

Time:2:28AM: Song location set was opulent.

Time:2:25AM: Its time to Haali Haali Song

Time:2:20AM: Some intresting scenes are rolling

Time:2:18AM: Again Mahesh Babu & S. J. Surya attack

Time:2:08AM: Interval Now…

Time:2:05AM: Movie Heading towards interval….

Time:2:00AM: Mahesh Babu and S. J. Surya will come to a deal

Time:1:55AM: S. J. Surya made an entrance as “Bhairavudu

Time:1:50AM: Fight Scenes between Mahesh Babu and Bharath

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Time:1:45AM: The flash back scenes flavored as Tamil movies….

Time:1:42AM: A rowdy flashback roll..

Time:1:38AM: location and Mahesh babu dance was superb!!

Time:1:35AM: Its time to Ciciliya Ciciliya Song

Time:1:33AM: Way of Investigation was very perfect

Time:1:28AM: Investigation Started of murder case

Time:1:25AM: Disturbed by two girls murder

Time:1:20AM: Its time to Achcham Telugandham Song

Time:1:15AM: Mahesh Babu meets Rakul Preet after phone situation

Time:1:10AM: Rakul made an entrance…..

Time:1:05AM: Song Visuals are very impressive and it in a new style.

Time:1:00AM: Its time to Bhoom Bhoom Song

Time:12:58AM: Prince Mahesh babu made an entrance as IB officer

Time:12:55AM: Movie Started with 146.31Min

Time:12:50AM: Fans Hungamma Started

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