I Movie Review

Title : I

Directed by : Shankar    

Produced by : V. Ravichandran, D. Ramesh Babu

Starring : Vikram, Amy Jackson

Music by : A.R. Rahman

Rating:- 3.5/5

Shankar is one Director in India whose movies are willingly anticipated everywhere. His most recent presentation is “I” which has the National Award wining performing artist Vikram in a lead part. After all the buildup and madness, this film has at long last hit the screens today.


Lingesh(vikram) is an up and coming beefy beefcake who is profoundly and frantically enamored with a performing artist named Diya(amy Jackson). One fine day, Diya approaches him to act in an Ad film with her. She gets him the important make over, and currently the shoot, the couple become hopelessly enamored with one another.

Bend in the story emerges when Diya’s expert adversaries rundown a fatal infection into Lingesh’s body which flips around his life. Rest of the story is in respect to how an ailing Lingesh takes vindicate on the individuals who made his life a living damnation.

Positive Aspects:-

Vikram is without a doubt one of the greatest resources of the film. The endeavors that he has put in for his part are plainly unmistakable on screen. He is extraordinary in his muscle head’s character, and pushes the edge with his appearance and going about as the odd looking gentleman. The way he has showcased agony and melancholy despite the fact that he is concealed with overwhelming make up is wonderful.
Amy Jackson is well-suited in her part and looks dazzling. Visuals in the film are first rate, and the credit ought to most likely go to Shankar for deduction something else and in a great scale. All the tunes have been shot well and creation qualities are radiant. Make up accomplished for Vikram is of universal standard and lifts his character to an alternate level.while the first half has OK stimulation, the second half is enthusiastic. Upen Patel does well in his negative part, thus are Santhanam and Suresh Gopi.

Negative Aspects:-

Excessively of buildup and desires ruin the result of this film a bit. Shankar has increased present expectations so high with his past movies that unfortunately, I doesn’t meet those desires. No where in the film you get a vibe that it is a Shankar film. He includes unnecessary components and drags the film in numerous spots. Most recent fifteen minutes of the first half are worse than average, and the adoration story showcased amid this part is exhausting. The films moves here and there and then here again in time, and the screenplay amid this part takes a serious beating. May be without precedent for his profession, Shankar has lost tunes in the story.

Yet an alternate significant downside is the intemperate length of the film. A ton of scenes and battles could have effectively been trimmed. When the turn is uncovered in the second a large portion of, the motion picture gets unsurprising.

Technical Aspects:-

I movie is a splendid film in fact. A R Rahman’s music is remarkable along these lines is the foundation score. As said prior, the make up and prosthetics utilized for Vikram’s character are psyche blowing. P C Sreeram’s camerawork is dazzling and gives the film an universal feel. All the scenes that are shot in China look beautiful.the sets composed and scale of the film is dependent upon Shankar’s standard. Telugu naming is average thus are the dialogs. Screenplay by Shanakar needs concentrate in numerous territories as you don’t get appended to film inwardly. The way Vikram’s character goes about taking retribution on the awful gentlemen in the first half has been picked up the pace and is vague.


In general, I is definitely Shankar’s good film till date. Intemperate length and absence of passionate unite are essential disadvantages. Anyhow remembering the celebration season, and Shankar’s stupendous visuals included with Vikram’s psyche blowing execution, this film can be given a shot. Just thing you have to do is go in without any desires at all.