Review: Sardaar Gabbar Singh

Movie: Sardaar Gabbar Singh
Rating: 3.75
Director: K. S. Ravindra
Producer: Pawan Kalyan, Sharrath Marar, Sunil Lulla
Starring: Pawan Kalyan, Kajal Aggarwal, Sharad Kelkar
Music: Devi Sri Prasad


The movie is set in a village called Ratnapur, in this all the villagers who live, Actress Kajal Agarwal is the the princess and look after the well wishers. Bhairav Singh makes to leave from village, One day the village makes into hell in that the Hero Pawan Kalyan transferred to this place and makes the village in a fine from all disturbances. Lets see how PK makes the village from Bhairav Singh, and how he save the village people with the uniforn dress.

Positive Aspects:

Pawan kalyan(Sardaar Gabbar Singh) was an single man army makes movie run in an mass entertainer with his mannerisms goes into a successful mouth. It shows how Pawan kalyan can give a successful output. The movie plus point is Pawan kalyan and the director Boobby made the story superb and the songs in the movie makes the fans rock in theatres. Another asset of the movie is Raai Laxmi for Tauba Tauba song, over all the movie makes a an all positive tounge. Sangeeth concept was superb pictured by pawan kalyan and makes screen play was in a good manner. Pawan kalyan song makes the hilarious laugh and the makes an mark in his carrier.

Negative Aspects:

The most draw back of the movie the lagging the story was lengthy with out any links. Some repeated scenes of Gabbar singh movie makes boaring and unconvenient, the story taken is not as much as worthy.

Technical Aspects:

Screen Play of the movie makes the feel to see and the voice over is set in a good manner. Camera work proves that pawan kalyan faith and the exectued in a very good. DSP composed background music very superb and the movie shifed to an rocking plotform.


Over all the movie is for an entertainer for Fans . The movie makes the fans and the various kinds of people happy for three hours to sit in theatres. It’s a time pass entertainer to watch one time Keep go on the movie for Pawan kalyan manarisms for time pass and entertainment.