Rumor’s are rounding on Rajini Robo 2.0

Rajini and Shanker’s latest big budget movie Robo 2.0 third schedule starts in Delhi today. All movie fans are have huge expectations on Robo 2.0. Where Shanker prove his talent with the Robo. In Robo Rajini romance with Aishwarya Rai. Movie success al over the world and take a place of Indian film in International standard.

Now some rumours are rounding on Robo 2.0 that is only one song will have in that movie which is a back drop song of entire movie. But finally its a rumour and Robo 2.0 have a 4 or 5 songs already Ascar winner Rahaman start working on compositions.

Movie budget is nearly 3.5 billions and Amy Jackson playing the lead role Lyca Productions are producing the movie.