Rudhramadevi live updates

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Time: 4:25AM Some interested scenes are reveled and the movie End

Time: 4:20AM Movie heading towards climax

Time: 4:15AM An effective war is going on with both the teams

Time: 4:10AM Movie tends for an war between Kakatiya Dynasty and Devagiri

Time: 4:05AM kakatiya Dynasty became blind by the left of Rudhramadevi

Time: 4:00AM Movie focusing on story….Some difficulties fought by Rudhramadevi

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Time: 3:54AM Its time to come against for Rudhramadevi by Kakatiya Dynasty people

Time: 3:48AM Its time for Fourth song…..Between the queens Anushka and Catherine Tresa

Time: 3:45AM Anushka Shetty some secrets are reveled

Time: 3:40AM Rudhramadevi sacrifices her love for Kakatiya Dynasty

Time: 3:38AM Interesting twist reveled in a tale

Time: 3:33AM Gona Ganna Reddy wants to expands his kingdom

Time: 3:30AM CGI work is good with an effective waterfalls

Time: 3:26AM Its time for Third song…..

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Time: 3:25AM A war is planned between Mahadevudu and Kakatiya Dynasty

Time: 3:22AM Vikram jeet as Mahadevudu

Time: 3:20AM Rudhramadevi is facing problem as Rudhradevudu

Time: 3:08AM Its time for Interval

Time: 3:05AM Gona Ganna Reddy escapes from kakitiya

Time: 3:03AM Movie heading towards interval

Time: 3:00AM A small fight between Naga Devudu and Rudhradevudu

Time: 2:50AM Its time for Second song…………

Time: 2:45AM Catherine Tresa enters as Anamika

Time: 2:40AM Its time for Rana Daggubati entrance, as Chalukya Veera Bhadra

Time: 2:35AM Allu Arjun role was mesmerising superb.

Time: 2:31AM Allu Arjun introduced as Gona Ganna Reddy

Time: 2:28AM First song is rooling……..

Time: 2:25AM Anuskha Shetty introduced as “Rudhradevudu”

Time: 2:20AM Its time to intorduce Nitya Menon as Mukthamba

Time: 2:15AM Srikanth son and daughter introduced

Time: 2:10AM Visuals of Rudhradevudu chinnatam

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Time: 2:05AM Prakash Raj introduced as Shiva Devaya

Time: 2:00AM Rudhramadevi born in Kakatiya Dynasty

Time: 1:55AM All the characters are being introduced

Time: 1:50AM Mega star Chiranjeevi Voice over started..Narrating the story

Time: 1:49AM Gunna Shekar voice over started

Time: 1:48AM Titles are scrolling….special thanks to chiranjeevi & Allu Arjun

Time: 1:47AM Movie started just now…

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