RGV shocking comments on Pawan Kalayan

Ram Gopal Varma sensational comments on Pawan kalyan

12:10 AM – 11 Apr 2016

@PawanKalyan Reslise and understand u are a King Cobra and do not pander to some fucking BUNNY RABBITS..please take care of ur fangs

12:03 AM – 11 Apr 2016
@PawanKalyan Bunny outstands while You STANDOUT but ur fans can’t even just fucking stand while other stars fans are just sitting and…

11:51 PM – 10 Apr 2016
@PawanKalyan As the most genuine fan of urs I think u are 10 times better than Chiranjeevigaru and 5 times better than Rajnikantgaaru

11:40 PM – 10 Apr 2016
@PawanKalyan I think I am a far better fan of urs than all ur no better fans and that shud make u seriously relook at betterment of nonfans

11:35 PM – 10 Apr 2016
@PawanKalyan Am sorry to say this to u as a genuine hard core fan of urs but ur so called hard core fans are just super c_______thiyas

11:33 PM – 10 Apr 2016
@PawanKalyan Ur so called fans might have taken a funeral march on me but they are the real funeral marchers of u by misinforming u

11:29 PM – 10 Apr 2016
@PawanKalyan Me,My Mother and my Brother are more genuine fans to u than the people surrounding u ..please stay away from them

11:26 PM – 10 Apr 2016

@PawanKalyan Sir ,The point is not about SGS, but it’s about the GPS of ur stardom

11:23 PM – 10 Apr 2016
@PawanKalyan Sir I believe in u more harder than ur so called hard core believers but u shud fucking believe more hard in ur hard beliefs

11:17 PM – 10 Apr 2016
If foreign dubbed film is houseful all over and PK’s is not its the loyal responsibility of PK fans to wake up Power Star from his sleep

11:12 PM – 10 Apr 2016
Meet the small little kid who killed the mega power SARDAR GABBAR SINGH and also RAJA SARDAR GABBAR SiNGH

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