RGV fires on Pawan Kalyan fans

“I wonder why P K’s Twitter followers are only 6 lak to Mahesh 15 lak ..is it becos most P k fans are illiterate or technically handicapped? I know P k came late on Twitter but once a super star comes on Twitter won’t all his fans follow immidiatley without any delay? Just asking? I am really unbelievably surprised that even Samantha has 10 lak more followers than P K..How come? Just asking? I am the biggest fan of P K and am extremely disappointed and feel so sad that the number of P K followers are so so lesser than Mahesh.If all super star heroes n heroines hav more followers than P K shouldn’t there be a psychoanalytical research on his fans..just asking? Since PK is so wanting to advance the state don’t u think he should first advance his own fans and educate them about Twitter ..just asking. As a diehard fan of P K i request all fans of P K to technically educate each other and create interactive clubs to increase his followers”