Renu Desai back with Pawan Kalyan Memories

Pawan kalyan is well known as Power Satr and he has the very fans mania. His life partner Renu Dasai made love track very fell afetr the movie Jhonny. With this movie they felt in love and started a new life with come of one Son Akira Nandan Konidela, daughter Aadhya Konidela.

With some disturbance made between the couples they were aside with Power Satr Pawan Kalyan. In detailed that just now that and recently some tweets were made about Pawan kalyan made the fans and the all in a appalling manner. Renu Desai Latest comments are here

Had clicked him while he was watching something seriously on TV πŸ™‚ #myclick #5d #canon #135mmf2

He was rehearsing with the vacuum cleaner to make d Johnny handkerchief fly in end scene of the film:)

During Balu shoot in Mahableshwar πŸ™‚ I love the look in Akira’s eyes. Like father like son ☺️