Stunning scenes in Krish Varun’s next flick

2015 one of hit pair Krish and Varun team up agian for a crazy project which is titled as Rayabari. After Kanche Varun came with the fully mass charecter which is named as lofer after getting the possitive buzz he joined in Krish Rayabari.

Movie Producer Rajeev Reddy revel that in this we have a one of breath taking scene. where audiance can see it with fully tight sitted in the chair. Laterly this type of scenes we saw in mega star’s Jagadegaka Veerudu Athiloka Sundari. After that we are going to see in another mega star’s Naga Babu Son’s Movie.

Production team finalized locations in Georgia and zeroed stunning beautifuly. Team planning to kick started the project on end of the February. Pragya Jaiswal in lead role team planning for second lead actress also.