Ram Gopal Varma(RGV) to set Film industry in Karimnagar

A Luminary, Giant,Sensational and what not he is none other than Mr.Ram Gopal Varma Garu and the first person who thought to set up a Film industry in KARIMNAGAR located in centre of Telangana, has visited karimnagar today and has given a inseparable, dynamic speech about the film making and the technology used in making of the film.
He extends his speech saying that,Film making comes out of passion,and is a combination of a moving picture and sound,Film makers use expensive cameras,set up a unit,which is having many assistants, technicians, and raises a Question and even gives the answer for it.

why we are unable to adapt new technology? and the answer given by him is we have a fear to come out of our comfort zone and work. He gave an example for using technology in film’s, In Maharastra state there is a famous pilgrimage named as Nashik there a guy who is passionate about direction has shot a film with 5D camera and he has put his friend as a hero and the post production work has been done in his laptop, after seeing that film, RGV was shocked to see the clarity and quality of the film.

A person working in film will not know about the changes to be done in the film,but a person who’s watching the film will definitely will know about the changes to be done,He himself (RGV) has become a director noticing the changes in the film and he says that according to their knowledge the tastes, sensibility differs
He has given a demonstration on the advanced technology to the students named as Advanced slow cam system