Ram Charan Refused Mani Ratnam film

Every where is talking about Maniratnam’s movie ‘Ok Bangaram’ which was released and achieved a positive talk and hit talk. The news is about the hero, it is a part that should be played by Ram Charan. Maniratnam portrayed the narrative of ‘OK Bangaram’ to Ram Charan a year ago however the performing artist denied it. Ram Charan purportedly felt that it would not suit to his image and he was refuesd. He may be correct however the on-screen character appear to have missed an incredible chance to expand his following in Youth group of onlookers. But Orange, Ram Charan never truly attempted anything diverse in his vocation. All that he did till now are routine mass masala which got his business achievement yet not the distinction which raises his status from Hero to an on-screen character.