Pawan Kalyan selected new director

Pawan Kalyan is going to replace S.J. Suryah with Dolly (Kishore Kumar Paradasani) in his up and coming film. After a long dialog with maker Sharat Marar and Suryah, Pawan Kalyan resulted in these present circumstances choice. Dolly worked with Pawan Kalyan before in the film Gopala.

The script work is finished and the film is presently in the pre-generation stage. The explanation for this choice is that chief S.J. Suryah is getting offers as “an on-screen character”. His late Tamil film Iraivi brought recognition for Suryah as a performing artist and from that point forward he has been getting numerous offers. He acknowledged few offers as a performing artist and took a stab at telling Pawan Kalyan that he would change his dates as chief for his film. It’s impractical to go on two water crafts and it will defer Pawan Kalyan’s task, so the creators of this film chose to supplant Suryah with Dolly.