OMG! Oopiri story leaked

Most awaited movie of Akkineni nagarjuna and Karthi is Oopiri. The title itself telling that its an intresting story, and the movie heads to Paris. The movie caracterized as a Physically disabled Billionaire(Nagarjuna) and a socially disabled Slumdog (Karthi). Actress Tamannaah made an entry as a Pesronal assistant of billionaire . By seeng Tamannaah Karthi will join near Nagarjuna. A feel love story between karthi and Tamannaah. The tag line “The Celebration of Life begins with a crazy comeo by Nagarjuna and Karthi.

As the movie makers have already the audio, it was a cool and scured a positive response. Gopi Sunder composed music super withan effective emotional sounds. The makers have released a trailer recently the trailer shows the clear cut of Oopiri of vamshi Paidipally(Director). The trailer was superb and makes life to celebrate. Lets see how the movie swings at boxoffice. All the best to entire team of Oopiri on behalf of team and viewers.