Nikhil Shankarabaranam satellite rights


Nikhil upcoming action movie Shankarabaranam, in the direction of Uday Nanadavanam, which was produced by MVV Sathyanarayana. The movie posters and the teaser was launched and received a full positive and high response. Recently movie was launched by power star pawan kalyan, and the conveys the regards wished all the best for the entire team. Nanditha Raj, Anjali playing a lead roles and the Nikhil looks were mesmerize the fans and the latest news of the movie about the satellite rights, satellite rights were bagged by the Zee Telugu with a whooping price Rs.4.0Cr. Movie will be expected to hit theatres for the Diwali festival. For more news keep watch of this space for latest news.

Click Here For Sankarabharanam Teaser

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