Nannaku Prematho review

Movie:- Nannaku Prematho

Rating:- 3.50/5.0

Director:- Sukumar

Producer:- B. V. S. N. Prasad

Starring:- N. T. Rama Rao Jr, Rakul Preet Singh,
Rajendra Prasad, Jagapati Babu

Music:- Devi Sri Prasad


Abhiram(NTR) is a youthful business visionary situated in London. One fine day, he comes to realize that his father(Rajendra Prasad) is determined to have pancreatic malignancy and is in his last phases of life. A bombshell Abhiram, surges back home to go up against his father. Amid this time, Abhiram’s dad uncovers that his last wish is to see Krishnamurthy(Jagapathi Babu), the wealthiest Indian in UK gets vanquished in life. He facilitate uncovers to Abhiram how Krishnamurthy had tore of his property and bliss by tricking him no doubt. Rest of the story is in the matter of how Abhiram deposes Krishnamurthy and satisfies his dad’s diminishing wish.

Positive Aspects:-

NTR paralyzes you with his passionate execution. This is presumably NTR’s best execution till date as the youthful tiger has unleashed another side of his bore. Right from the first edge, NTR nails it with his up-to-date looks and tasteful act. He is extraordinarily great and conveys his feelings with right adjust. NTR should be acknowledged for leaving his customary range of familiarity and tolerating a film like this.

Yet another significant resource of the film is Jagapathi Babu. Notwithstanding him, the film wouldn’t have turned out the way it has. The veteran performing artist does his detestable demonstration to the “T” and exceeds expectations in his part. Babu’s unpretentious expressions and demeanor makes procedures very intriguing. All his meeting scenes with NTR have been planned uncommonly well by Sukumar.

The film scores brownie focuses as there is no slaughter and pointless viciousness in the film. Rakul Preet Singh looks flawless and does her part especially well. She looks adept as the rich NRI and her own particular naming is additionally great. Interim piece and the last 30 minutes is high on feelings and fascinates you totally. Generation qualities are wonderful. Rajeev Kanakala gets a substantial part after along time and performs well.

Negative Aspects:-

Nannaku Prematho is a class film and the masses may discover it difficult to process certain certainties. Despite the fact that NTR is heavenly in the film, the normal punch dialogs and moves he is generally connected with are totally lost in this film. Pace of the film is likewise somewhat moderate as the film takes as much time as necessary to disentangle. A few scenes showcasing the fondness in the middle of NTR and his dad ought to have been executed to make the plot more conceivable. As the topic is very genuine, scope for comic drama was additionally less and each one of the individuals who expect this as a Sankranthi unique performer may be baffled. Initial 15 minutes and the whole scene highlighting Rakul Preet and her mother could have been mellowed down and altered out. This scene watches strange and destroys the majority of the run time.

Technical Aspects:-

Devi Sri Prasad is just about alright as every one of the melodies are situational. The way they have been shot and executed are worse than average. No less than 10 minutes amid the begin of the second half ought to have been trimmed. Dialogs are wonderful and passionate.
Creation values and camera work is first class as London and its areas have been showcased stunningly. Going to the executive Sukumar, his brightness is composed everywhere throughout the script as he shows the film in very much a holding way. Right from the scene one he makes it entirely clear and portrays an enthusiastic reprisal show with enough clarity in every one of his scenes.


In general, Nannaku Prematho is a film where all the superfluous business viewpoints are set aside and the emphasis is on the substance. NTR’s strong execution and passionate substance are enormous resources. Be that as it may, the moderate pace of the film and absence of specific components which are normal by NTR fans and mass gathering of people will hamper the accumulations to a degree. At last, Nannaku Prematho is an exemplary character which ought to do well just with the An inside gathering of people.