Movie Review : Gopala Gopala

Title : Gopala Gopala    

Directed by : Kishore Kumar Pardasani    

Produced by : D. Suresh Babu       

Starring : Pawankalyan, Venkatesh, Shriyasaran    

Music by : Anoop Rubens

Rating:- 4.0/5

Gopala motion picture is revamp adaptation of Bollywood superhit film Oh My God and it is a parody performer motion picture in which, Power star Pawan Kalyan and Victory Venkates alongside Shriya Saran assuming the fundamental lead parts. Bollywood performing artist Mithun Chakraborty appearing to Tollywood through this motion picture.


Gopal Rao (Venkatesh), a white collar class nonbeliever Hindu possesses a shop of Hindu icons and obsolescents in Chor Bazaar, Hyderabad. He is reviled by Mithun Chakraborty when he ceased his child from playing dahi handi. A low-force quake hits the city, and Gopal Rao’s shop is the main shop that is demolished.

Following day at the insurance office, Gopal Rao and his neighbor-right hand Krishnudu discover that the debacle claim does not cover any harm brought about by regular catastrophes characterized under “Demonstration of God”. Using up alternatives, Gopal Rao chooses to record a claim against God yet neglects to discover an attorney for such a claim.

How Gopal Rao succeed in wining the body of evidence against the God with the assistance of Pawan Kalyan structures whatever is left of the story.

Positive Aspects:

Triumph Venkatesh is able in his part of a skeptic and takes away an experienced character convincingly. The way he has performed in all the court scenes is great. He brings a ton of effortlessness to the film and all his scenes with Pawan Kalyan are simply great. Yet an alternate real highlight and best piece of the film is Pawan Kalyan’s character. Pawan is essentially radiant as Lord Krishna. He acquires the passionate touch and all the dialogs that he mouths are provocative.

Pawan looks truly peaceful and is particularly great in all the mix scenes with Venkatesh. While the first half is truly basic and perfect, the second half is passionate and has a fundamental message right till the end.

Fascinating perspective is that the film is described in an exceptionally enlivening mode. Bollywood superstar Mithun Chakraborty is fair in a negative part. Posani is amusing in his swamiji’s part. Peak of the film is fascinating and legitimizes to the idea of the film.

Negative Aspects:

A ton of Pawan Kalyan fans would consent to this that the screen time of their saint is a bit less in the film.

Courageous woman shreya has literally nothing to do in the film and simply shows up in a couple of scenes. Length of the film is a tad long and a few scenes in the peak could have been hacked off. The film gets truly genuine in the second half and the stimulation level abatements.


All in all, Gopala is a film which is made straight from the heart. This film has a hidden message which is described in truly a stimulating way. What tops off an already good thing are the dazzling exhibitions by Venkatesh and Pawan Kalyan which make this film an interesting performer amid this bubbly season.

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