Mega Fans Warning To Varun Tej Heroine


Pragya Jaiswal, who plays the female lead in Varun Tej’s Kanche, directed by Krish, says the experience of working in the film transported her to a different era. Kanche: Book Your Tickets Right Away! The actress also shares an interesting incident about mega fans, where they actually scared her during shoot. Pragya reportedly did not knew that Varun comes from Chiranjeevi’s lineage though she knew he belongs to some big family of the industry.

Recalling one of the incidents on the sets when they were shooting in Tatipaka village in Godavari district, where many locals turned up, she said, “I was supposed to slap Varun in a scene and the fans were shouting ‘don’t slap’ in Telugu.” “I didn’t understand what they were saying for a long time but when finally Varun told me what they were actually saying, I was scared to do the scene”. She also added that Krish never let them meet after the shoot. “Krish never wanted us to meet until the first shot. He wanted the unfamiliarity between us to come alive in the scene, so he didn’t let us meet. It actually worked very well,” she said. The actress is currently busy promoting the film, which is releasing this Thrusday and is totally enjoying the journey.

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