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Movie: Majnu(2016)
Rating: 3.5/5.0
Director: Virinchi Varma

Starring : Nani, Anu Emmanuel, Priya Shri

Producer: Geetha Golla P. Kiran

Music: Gopi Sunder

Aditya(Nani) is an accommodating youth who goes gaga for Kiran(Anu Emanuel). He tries hard to charm her lastly figures out how to persuade Kiran. At the point when things appear to go fine, a little issue drives the couple to part ways with each other. Awed by this Suma likewise falls level for Aditya. The turn in the story emerges when Aditya comes to realize that Kiran is none other than Suma’s own particular cousin.

A steamed Aditya lands in Hyderabad and proceeds onward with his life. As time cruises by, he begins enjoying Suma(Priya Shri) and uncovers his heartbreaking romantic tale to her. Rest of the story is that What will Aditya do now ?

Positive Aspects:-
Here come to the positive aspects that actor Nani is the asset of the movie with his natural action and his acting makes the movie into feel. Chemistry of the pairs executed very well and it was very impressive. Comedy track is very nice with the actor and the support stars. Screenplay of the movie is good and all the production values are reached upto the mark and the music was feel good with the nani values.

Negative aspects:-

It is the some mistakes editing by the editors. Background score is not that good. Twist and turns are not that good. Pre-climax & Predictable of second half story


It is a good entertaining movie with an natural love. All the plots were very well executed and it makes the audience to set on the chair. It is the hat – trick movie in his carrier. Keep on watch this movie in your free time.