KTR awed by Pawan kalyan Craze

Pawan Kalyan and KTR Photo

Telangana IT serve K.T. Rama Rao is the chief guest for the Ramcharan’s up and coming movie Dhruva for an event Pre-release was awestruck by Power star Pawan Kalyan’s fame at the occasion. While tending to from the dais, The reaction he got when he took the name of Pawan Kalyan was amazing. KTR seeing the reaction from the fans of onlookers went ahead to state “Wah” !!. (KTR awed by Pawan kalyan Craze)

He said Ram Charan is genuinely honored having a father who is a uber star and an uncle who is a Power star taking the names of Chiranjeevi and Pawan Kalyan separately. He said Ramcharan has battled hard for the filmmaking a 6 pack body, He is especially propelled and would like to go fit and get no less than a 2-pack body in future. KTR wished the whole cast and team of Dhruva a fantastic achievement and December ninth will be a fortunate number for the performing artist as Charan’s auto number is 9, his fortunate number is 9.