Krish to direct Balakrishna’s 100th film

Balakrishna enjoying the latest hit Dictaor in the direction of Sriwass. Movie made a huge collections and made hit 99th journey successfully. Now Balaya is waitimg for his 100th movie in Tollywood, As per the latest news very talented director Krish is to be directed Balakrishna 100th movie.


It was a full stuff news that how krish will be seen balaya in this movie, as we know krish movies are very few but all the movies were shaked box office with a new record. The taking a script will be super and the message of the movie is valuable that is the Krish style. Let see how the combo will be see on the silvers screen.

Balaya latest words in the Savitri movie made the all the fans and the womens to protest the case and made the aggetaions in an around the telugu states. For this Balaya replayed and the news going to be cool in various states.