Killing veerappan review and rating



 Killing veerappan : cast & Crew

     Director:  Ram Gopal Varma

     Producer:  B.V.Manjunath
    Starring:  Shivarajkumar , Bharadwaj, Yagna Shetty

    Music:  Ravi Shankar (Sandy)

   Killing Veerappan Rating : 3.25








Ram Gopal Varma’s most recent film “Killing Veerappan” has turned into the Talk of the Town. This film has gathered parcel of open consideration in light of the fact that it manages the tale of backwoods rascal Veerappan. The film highlights debutant Sandeep Bharadwaj in the part of Veerappan, Kannada star Shivaraj Kumar as STF cop, Yagna Shetty as Veerappan’s wife Muthulakshmi and Parul Yadav in another critical part. The Kannada adaptation of the film had as of now been discharged on January first and gained positive talk. In any case, the Telugu adaptation has been discharged on January seventh. Lets see, how the Telugu gathering of people got the film.



The account of the film is entirely basic and is described with a cop’s perspective. Veerappan(Sandeep Bhardwaj) is a feared sandalwood dealer with huge amounts of cases on him. Cops from three distinct states are after him over a time of ten years however to their misfortune, he escapes unhurt constantly.

This is likewise the time when the case is given over to a true police officer(Shivraj Kumar) who takes things in his grasp. He makes a few arrangements however some way or another turns unsuccessful constantly. Rest of the story is in the matter of how he makes one last feared arrange and executes the most needed bootlegger.


Positive Aspects:-

Credit ought to go to Ram Gopal Varma for getting his throwing totally hit against. The way he has picked another face for Veerappan’s part is right on the money and gives you a feared feeling right from the first edge itself. The Mumbai performer looks amazingly near Veerappan and strikes retaliation from the word go.

The areas picked, sensible set up and the thick woods areas give a brilliant impact to the film. The different death arrangements to murder Veerappan and the way they have been executed is entirely great. Going to the exhibitions, Shivraj Kumar is really great as the cop and holds the film together. The way RGV has showed him is really not too bad.

A few other supporting characters, particularly Yagna Shetty who played Veerappan’s wife is great in her part. Significant credit ought to go to the way RGV has uncovered some startling certainties about certain genuine occasions. The primary viewpoint which goes well is that RGV has showcased Veerappan normally and not in an artistic and overwhelming characte

Negative Aspects:-

The film is fairly lengthy.Editing could have been exceptional in the second half.As the film depends on a major issue, there is no comic drama remainder in the movie.Few tunes are very little interesting.Few characters need profundity. Not one of Veerappan’s cohorts were distinguished. They simply stand like columns around him constantly.

The First 50% of the film is drawing in with the arrangements of police and turn around arrangements of Veerappan and his marriage. The film gives understanding into the life of Veerappan as well as the issues of STF officers in the woodland. The numerous undercover operations and camouflages keep the group of onlookers snare to their seats. “Killing Veerappan” stays as one of the best yield by Ram Gopal Varma in his life time. By and large, the motion picture is as fascinating as a shock late night tweet by Ram Gopal Varma.