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Kick 2 Review

Time 8:12AM: Movie comes to an end with heavy fight scene..

Time 8:06AM: Climax is on now..Some effective scenes between Ravi Kissan and Ravi Teja are on now..

Time 8:03AM: A last twist in the story .. Film is heading towards the climax ..

Time 8:00AM: The thought process behind the villagers love towards Ravi Teja is made known not Teja .. Some uncovering scenes about the unforgiving substances of the town are going on.

Time 7:55AM: Its time for next song by Nora Fatehi

Time 7:42 AM: Time for some action. A high voltage fight scene is going on

Time 7:35 AM: An heart touching emotional scene involving all the villagers is going on…

Time 7:30 AM: Brahmanandam enters the scene…A funny scene between the villagers and Brahmanandam .

Time 7:25 AM: Time for the third song “Jenda Pai Kapiraju”

Time 7:20 AM: Comedy scenes between Sudheer Mishra and Ravi Teja

Time 7:10 AM: Post interval the film heads to a village called Vilaspur

Time 6:58 AM: Its time for Interval

Time 06:50 AM: Interesting twist in the film…Movie heading towards Interval…

Time 06:42 AM: Posani and Ashish Vidhyarthy makes an entry now.. with some hilarious comedy

Time 06:34 AM: Its Time for first song second song ‘Nuvve Nuvve’

Time 06:28 AM: comedy scenes are on now by Brahmanandam

Time 06:20 AM: Its Time for first song ‘Mummy Mummy‘..

Click Here for Mummy Mummy Song

Time 06:10 AM: Rakul Preet makes an entry now.. Some comedy scenes are on now

Time 06:02 AM: A hfight sequence is on now.. Action elements are superb..

Time 05:55 AM: Brahmanandam makes an entry as Pandit Ravi Teja

Time 05:50 AM: Villain Ravi Kissan makes an entry now.. Movie has shifted to a village

Click Here:  Kick 2 Theatrical Trailer

Time 05:45 AM: Ravi Teja makes a stylish entry as Robinhood

Time 05:40 AM: Some scenes featuring the first part of Kick are on now..

Time 05:35 AM: : The movie has just started and is 161 minutes long

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