Jersey Collections crossed Half Million in USA

Jersey USA Collections

Now Nani Jersey movie makes the talk of the town all over the worldwide. As movie reports are delivered with a positive note, now in that scenario Jersey USA collections are creating booming collections.

Actor Nani is well known for creating huge collections for his films in his collection record may stand on Boxoffice. As the latest report that Nani Jersey crossed a half Million mark in the USA is was the very good note to Jersey movie unit. For the permiers, Jersey collected $144,687 in 133Locations and for Day 1 collections raised a bar of $260,984 in 135 locations. It was the tremendous jump and for day 2 $100,209 in 106 Locations, it may vary for the full day for Day2. As the Jersey USA gross collections till now $505,880 it was a half million mark. Coming to Nani’s track it is the 10th movie to cross half-million mark in two days.