Jayammu Nischayymuraa Movie Review

Movie: Jayammu Nischayymuraa
Release date : November 25, 2016
365cinekhajana.com Rating : 3.5/5.0
Director : Shiva Raj Kanumuri
Producers : Shiva Raj Kanumuri
Music Director : V. Ravichandran
Starring : Srinivas Reddy, Shamna Kasim

Sarvam(Srinivasa Reddy) is a government employee from Karimnagar transferred to Kakinada. In new location feel heart go out to with Rani(Poorna) for all that does not spout his love because of his introvert nature. His only instantly aim to tie the wedding knot to Rani, try to make the job transfer by impressing his boss(Ravi Varma) and settle fully happily. The climax of the story arises when he comes to visualize that Rani likes someone. The rest of the story is that how he impressed his boss for getting the transfer? And how he proposed and get married.

Positive Aspects:-
>The story line was very impressive.
>Srinivas Reddy action very well.
>Actress makes the story concluded.
>The hilarious comedy worked out in a good manner.
>Boss Ravi Varma opposite role was good and makes the story wide.
>Director effort will be seen in the movie.

Negative Aspects:-
First Half with a slow bit. Some bits makes fell bore but overall the movie makes out with a good show.

Technical Aspects:-
Production values are very good in the film. The native immortality, hat in the ring office finance have been created in a fantastic way. Credit should go to the cameraman for pushing the movie house in a well known a feel-good manner. Music is known ins and outs and does not suppress the go with the tide of the film. Dialogues are efficient and so was mise en scene score.
Coming to the head Sivaraaj, he has done a know ins and outs job by the whole of the film. He had a profitable script and the process he has examination paper his characters from one end to the other it is far impressive.

The movie is a feel good for what ails you. The movie moves with a good and very impressive formulae. This movie makes the comedian Srinivasa Reddy as hero Srinivasa Reddy. It is a feel good movie to watch this weekend.

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