Janatha Garage tickets auctioned, Janatha Garage tickets


Jr NTR’s Janatha Garage movie releasing world wide on 1st september. Jr.NTR craze is touching peaks. All set to release the Premier shows on 31st Aug 2016 and Mid night of 1st September. There is a humongous demand for the Janatha Garage benefit show tickets in Chennai and around the states. The same mania is repeating in telugu states with a peaks promotions and circulations.

TDP youth wing of Chennai held an auction for the benefit show tickets at SRM University and it met with roaring response. An very enthusiastic fan of Jr NTR bought the first ticket for ₹ 31,000 while the second and third tickets were sold for ₹ 17,500 and ₹ 13,000 respectively. In Tamil Nadu too, ‘Janatha Garage’ is releasing in good number of theatres.