Dr. saleem ready to release in First week of March

Vijay Antony, by a pair of axial action thriller ‘Da. Salim ‘. SK presentation Nagaprasad Pictures and Obulesvara Productions jointly produced. Sensor part will be completes by this week. Movie makers are planned to be released in the first week of March.

On this occasion, one of the producers said Suresh Kondeti – “Healing in the name of marauding crowds today was in the habit of some hospitals. Passion brings to life, much more these days. Dr.Salim is of the first type. An orphaned lamb, which frees the girl to practice medicine Salim finds the original story. orphaned girl who’s unfair to see the big launches Dr.Salim puzzling. What did the doctor that he wanted to accomplish? The movie takes place in a very interesting storyline.

Acclaimed composer Vijay Antony good cast in this movie. Salim role cesarayana awesome. Our SK Pictures from the movies have ever watched. The film is also a way of reaching that category. The commercial features an abundance of good story of the director Nirmal Kumar great shot. Vijay Antony has composed songs for the film. The film will hit as the musical entertainer.
Another producer tamatam Kumar Reddy said that this is not a film in the meantime. The film will be viewable to all sources. This summer will be a good entertainer. The film’s production partner: PM. Arjun Gowda. Directed by: envi Nirmal Kumar. Music: Vijay Antony.