Dictator Movie FDFS Live Updates



Movie: Dictator

Release Date: 14-01-2016

Cast: Balayya, Anjali, Sonal Chauhan

Director: Sriwass

Music director: Sai Srinivas

Production company: Eros International



Stay tune for RIVIEW

08:30 AM : Climax done.

08: 25 AM : A heavy duty fight is on now.

08:23 AM : Time for the climax now.

08:18 AM : A mass song is going now.

08:15 AM : Twist in the story now and game has changed now.

08:10 AM : Twist for a massive fight scene.

08:00 AM : Some interesting scenes between Blakrishna and Rati Agnihotri.

07:50 AM : Bollywood Actress Rati Agnihotri makes an entry now.

07:45 AM : Scenes are moving into a serious mode.

07:40 AM : Some family sceness featuring Balayya and Anjali.

07:35 AM : It’s time for a romantic song between Balayya and Anjali.

07:30 AM : The scene has been shifted to Delhi and BalaKrishna is being shown as a rich businessman.

07:20 AM : Some comedy scenes between Balakrishna and Anjali are now.

07:15 AM : Anjali makes an entry.

07:10 AM : Post interval heading into a flashback.

07:00 AM : Interval.

06:58 AM : Dictator arrived now.

06:55 AM : Movie reaching to interval.

06:52 AM : Another twist in the movie.

06:45 AM :  A hot item song with Mumaith Khan and Shradda Das.

06:40 AM : Its time for some relief now.

06:35 AM : Balayyas past is being investigated now.

06:30 AM : An interesting twist in the story.

06:20 AM : A superb fight is now in Balayya style

06:15 AM : Balayyadelivering his fabulous dialogues.

06:10 AM : Time for the second song What’s up baby….Sonal Chauhan looks hot.

06:05 AM : Sonal Chauhan makes an entry as an aspiring actress.

06:00 AM : Some between Pruthvi and Hema.

05:55 AM : Balayya is super with his steps.

05:52 AM : Here comes the Balayya Babu with entry song.

 05:50 AM : The movie started with a drug mafia.

05:45 AM : Movie started just now.


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