Bigg Boss Telugu 2 Live Updates – Grand Finale

Bigg Boss Telugu2 Grand Finale, Star Maa
Bigg Boss Telugu 2 Live Updates

Star Maa live on Bigg Boss Telugu 2 Grand Finale

Exclusively 365cinekhajana Presents: Bigg Boss Telugu Winner

Time-09:00 PM: Finally its to be an end Kaushal Manda is Bigg Boss Season2 winner.

Time-08:58 PM: Nani journey AV is going on…

Time-08:55 PM: Victory Venkatesh as Chief guest on Bigg Boss stage

Time-08:53 PM: Its time for Geetha Madhuri Av is going on….

Time-08:50 PM: Its time for Kaushal Av is going on….

Time-08:40 PM: Royal exit of these two contestants Kaushal and Geetha Madhuri from the house.

Time-08:38 PM: Nani entered into Bigg Boss house

Time-08:25 PM: Some memories of Bigg Boss AV going on

Time-08:16 PM: Done with Tanish journey AV. It’s time to commercial break

Time-08:07 PM: Its time to eliminate 3rd contestant. Elimination in new style Kalusal should be in Confession room, Geetha Madhuri in the storeroom, Tanish will be smoking zone.

Time-08:10 PM: Tanish out from Bigg Boss house.

Time-08:03 PM: A special song by USA fans, danace performance.

Time-07:57 PM: Done with journey AV. It’s time to commercial break

Time-07:47 PM: Deepthi Nallamothu is out from house

Time-07:38 PM: Before eliminate 4th contestant, its time to small commecial break.

Time-07:30 PM: Show started with ex contestants dance.

Time-07:24 PM: Samrat on Stage, followed by his journey AV. It’s time to commercial break

Time-07:14 PM: Samrat is out from Bigg Boss house.

Time-07:08 PM: Its a commecial break

Time-07:06 PM: Its time to Eliminate the last contestant from the house.

Time-07:03 PM: Nani Launches Telugu Titans T-shirt.

Time-07:01 PM: Show started with Telugu Titans Kabbadi Team on stage.

Time-06:53 PM: Its a commecial break

Time-06:52 PM: Nani speaks with Tanish.

Time-06:50 PM: Nani speaks with Samrat.

Time-06:48 PM: Nani speaks with Geetha Madhuri, she was fully emotional.

Time-06:45 PM: Nani speaks with Kaushal.

Time-06:43 PM: Nani speaks with Deepthi.

Time-06:42 PM: Nani is on Nani TV.

Time-06:38 PM: Its break time

Time-06:35 PM: Nani continuoes speaking with ex contestants, they are expressing their views.

Time-06:27 PM: Nani speaks with ex contestants about their beautiful memories in Bigg Boss house.

Time-06:25 PM: Rocking performance by all the ex contestants on stage Bigg Boss Telugu 2.

Time-06:22 PM: Show started with elimineted contestants dance.

Time-06:17 PM: Break for ads

Time-06:15 PM: Nani speaks with Kaushal wife (Neelima) & Son.

Time-06:12 PM: Nani speaks with Tanish mother, Deepthi (Son & Husband)

Time-06:08 PM: Nani speaks with Geetha Madhuri mother, Samrat father, and Mother.

Time-06:05 PM: Bigg Boss Show was the BlockBuster Show says, Nani.

Time-06:00 PM: Nani makes an grand entry with Nani Movie back to back songs