Bigg Boss Telugu 102 Episode – Roll Role changed

Bigg Boss Telugu 102 Episode Highlights – 20.09.2018

Yesterday’s episode showed a twist of events, Roll Raida who was heartbroken with the harsh words of Kaushal in the previous episodes suddenly decided to forgo past events and requested Kaushal to help him in the immunity task against Samrat.

This didn’t go down very well with audience whom till then, were sympathizing with Roll.
Kaushal’s clever strategy to save both the team’s eggs to ensure no one gets immunity did not work in the end. He even decided to save Roll and protect his eggs. His attempt to break Samrat eggs also failed miserably by the efforts of Geetha, Tanish, and Deepthi who supported Samart.

Samrat winning the immunity challenge ended in a good note with Samrat being touched by his inmate’s support.