Bengal Tiger will roar at Boxoffice

Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja is coming soon with his high voltage activity performer in Sampath Nandi’s heading, Bengal Tiger. The film’s music by Bheems, has been released at Silpa Kala Vedika today evening time and the unit additionally disclosed the film’s showy trailer. The trailer showcases Ravi Teja as a hyperactive underdog who tries to get “renowned”. After the dull and dead picture makeover in Kick 2, Ravi Teja looks vastly improved and starts off gobs of vitality in each shot. The snappy activity groupings and the charm show by two most sultry marvels, Tamannah and Raashi Khanna, is positively an eye feast. It would appear that this Bengal Tiger will thunder big-time at box office.

Click Here For Bengal Tiger Trailer

Trailer was amazing with super choreography and the technical values are super. Ravi Teja dialouge are nice and the fight scens are effective give by RAM Laxman. Once again Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja will roarlike a national Animal.

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