Bahubali Live Updates – IMAX

 Review & Rating

Time:12:50 PM:  Climax is an another interval bang.

Time:12:45 PM:  Kattappa said Aa nammakadrohini nene….

Time:12:40 PM: Katthi kante padunainadi, Ballem kanna balamainadi Nammakadroham.

Time:12:38 PM: Kattappa said Amarendra Bahubali was dead.

Time:12:36 PM: Flashback over.

Time:12:35 PM: Vanda mandini champithe sainikudu avuthadu Oka pranam kapadithe devudu avuthadu.

Time:12:34 PM: Kaalakeyuni champina Bhallaladeva. Sivagami announces Baahubali as the king and Bhallaladeva as senadhipathi.

Time:12:32 PM: Kaalakeyuni yeedchuku vachina Baahubali, paaripoyina Kaalakeyuni soldiers.

Time:12:30 PM: Bhallaladevuni debbaku peenugu ayina yenugu.

Time:12:30 PM: Baahubali emotional speech to inspire soldiers.

Time:12:28 PM: Kalakeya soldiers entered into maahishmathi, flies their flag.

Time:12:26 PM: Bhallala devuni vaahanam bhalaa.

Time:12:25 PM: Cloths fire seen is awesome.

Time:12:23 PM: War begins.

Time:12:22 AM: War dialogues between Kalakeya and Sivagami.

Time:12:20 PM: Kalakeya language is awesome.

Time:12:19 PM: Jai Maahishmathi.

Time:12:18 PM: Who kills the Kalakeya will be the king.

Time:12:16 PM: Rajamaatha accepts Bahubali plan to protect Mahishmathi from Kalakeya.

Time:12:15 PM: Kalakeya entered.

Time:12:14 PM: Bhallaladeva tries to kill Baahubali but Kattappa enters. Plan failed.

Time:12:10 PM: Item song ” Irukkupo “ 

Time:12:08 PM: Surprise entry by Rajamouli.

Time:12:07 PM: Time to decide who has to be the king.

Time:12:06 PM: Bahubalu : “Bhallaladeva nenu raju ayina tharvtha nuvve naa senadhipathi”

Time:12:05 PM: Both are grownup.

Time:12:04 PM: Baahubali becoming closer to Kattappa.

Time:12:02 PM: MamathalaThalli song

Time:12:00 PM: Sivagami says Baahubali, Bhallaladeva have equal rights to be king. They have to grownup and powerful one will be the king.

Time:11:59 AM: Raajamaatha Sivagaami dialogue Veella thirugubatu tho Maahishmathi ki Mathili pattindhi. Raktham tho kadigey “ 

Time:11:58 AM: Sivagami enters with baby Bhaahubali to the simhasanam.

Time:11:56 AM: Story went back to 50years back. Baahubali born.

Time:11:55 AM: Flashback started.

Time:11:54 AM: Nuvu Maa Devudu Amarendra Baahubali Rakthanivi

Time:11:53 AM: Kattappa takes sivudu foot and puts on his head.

Time:11:52 AM: Kattappa’s bow down infront of Baahubali

Time:11:50 AM: Everyone realizes that Sivudu is son Baahubali.

Time:11:49 AM: Sivudu cuts adivishesh neck. Rain begun.

Time:11:47 AM: Tamannah team entered.

Time:11:46 AM: Fight between kattappa and sivudu.Sivudu face is fullof mud kattappa doesn’t recognized

Time:11:44 AM: What a fighting performance by sivudu to save devasena

Time:11:42 AM: Soldiers catches sivudu and Devasena

Time:11:40 AM: Sivudu escaping with his mother

Time:11:38 AM: Devasena seen Sivudu. Fight

Time:11:36 AM: Bhallala deva doubts on sivudu and ordered the soldiers to catch him

Time:11:34 AM: Sivudu saw Devasena sivudu wears soldiers dress. BhallalaDeva calls all the soldiers

Time:11:32 AM: Sivudu’s parents and koyakona people searching for sivudu

Time:11:30 AM: Post interval of the movie started


Time:11:18 AM: Devasena kallalo pourusham BhallalaDeva kallalo Ukrosham

Time:11:16 AM: Special neeraajanaalu for baahubali with music and classical dances

Time:11:14 AM: Sivudu’s mask slips an oldman seen sivudu without mask and said baahubali everyone saying baahubali

Time:11:10 AM: Statue slips people scaring but sivudu saved them

Time:11:09 AM: ” Nippule swasaga “ Song sivudu going to mahishmathi

Time:11:08 AM: Sivudu decided to save devasena for avanthika’s love

Time:11:06 AM: A big ice cyclone visuals are really unexplainable awesome sivudu saves avanthika from that

Time:11:04 AM: A soldier recognised sivudu as Baahubali

Time:11:02 AM: Bhallaladeva soldiers catches avantika sivudu saves her a small fight

Time:11:00 AM: 100yards golden statue of bhallaladeva getting ready

Time:10:56 AM: A romantic song   ” PachaBottesina “

Time:10:54 AM: Sivudu proposed her and Avanthika accepted

Time:10:52 AM: Tamannah finds sivudu a small romantic fight between them

Time:10:50 AM:   “Pullalu yerukovadaniki Pichidanni anukunava chithi perusthuna” Dialogue

Time:10:48 AM: Kattappa wants to release devasena but she refuses and says “Naa Koduku Vasthadu”

Time:10:46 AM:   “Chacheloga okkasaraina chudalani  nuvvu, Inkosari ee chethulatho champalan inenu Iddarivi theerani korikale “ 

Time:10:44 AM: Bhallaladeva meets devasena ugly oldy devasena comesout from prison small discussion

Time:10:42 AM: Fight between bull and bhallaladeva omg bull felldown for bhallala’s punch

Time:10:40 AM: Naser adivishesh entered

Time:10:38 AM: Story moves to mahishmathi Bhallaladeva entered

Time:10:37 AM: ”  Mahishmathi “ song

Time:10:36 AM: Avanthika gets a chance to save devasena from their leader.they plams to save devasena on bhallaladeva’s birthday

Time:10:34 AM: sivudu puts a tattoo on avanthika but she dont know

Time:10:32 AM: Small fight between them.Aaslaam salaams to Kattappa

.Time:10:30 AM: Aslaamkhan entered and meets Kattappa. He is a weapon supplier.

Time:10:28 AM: Tamannah’s team staying in cave secretely. They are fighting to save Devasena. Devasena entered

Time:10:26 AM: Tamannah fight started. She is fighting hilariously kills all the strangers.

Time:10:24 AM: Some strangers are chasing Avanthika.

Time:10:23 AM: Finally he reached the uphill.

Time:10:22 AM: He finds her and jumps again from one hill to another. This time he succeeded and follows tamannah.

Time:10:20 AM: Tamannah entered with Dheevara song.

Time:10:19 AM: He imagines that there is Tamannaah. And he went there.

Time:10:18 AM: Sivudu got a mask from the waterfall. He thought that someone is there and he wants go there.

Time:10:16 AM: He placed the lingam under the waterfall.

Time:10:15 AM: Sixpack was really awesome.

Time:10:14 AM: ” Sivuni aana song ” 

Time:10:12 AM: Sivudu trying to break sivalingam and succeed.

Time:10:11 AM: Sivudu’s mother doing abhishekam. But, Sivudu don’t like this.

Time:10:10 AM: TanikellaBarani entered.

Time:10:08 AM: He is jumping from one hill to another hill but failed.

Time:10:06 AM: Young Rebel Star entered. Climbing the hills.

Time:10:05 AM: After 7 years, sivudu wants go to up the hills. “Payina Dayyalu Boothalu Untay Manushulni Peekku thintay”

Time:10:04 AM: Koyakona people saves the baby,  but Sivagami is dead.

Time:10:02 AM: The baby is saved with one hand in water scene is shown.

Time:10:02 AM: Some soldiers are following her. She killed them and she fell down in the water.She protects the baby’s life

Time:10:00AM: Sivagami entered at a waterfall through a cave with protecting a baby

Time:09:58 AM: Showing Mahishmathi kingdom through a map with background score.

Time:09:56 AM: Baahubali visuals are unspokable…..

Time:09:50 AM: Just started. Titles were rolling down with fully crowded……