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11:00 PM: Mahendra Bahubali killing Bhallaladeva story of Baahubali comes to an end..

10:55 PM: Movie heading towards climax

10:45 PM: Mahendra Bahubali with Bhallaladeva empire scenes

10:35 PM: Superb war scenes now

10:28PM: Shivagami announces Mahendra Baahubali as king

10:20PM: Now with some story we get to know why kattappa killed Baahubali.

10:15PM: Song picturized with fully emotional

10:10PM: Its time for Dandalayya song

9:40PM: Its time for interval

9:32PM: Showcase of Visualizations and VFX are Super

9:30PM: Its time for Hamsa Naava song

9:25PM: Baahubali rescuing Kuntala Kingdom scenes

9:22PM: Story developed around Gorgeous Devasena

9:20PM: Devasena praising Bhagawan Srikrishna

9:15PM: Its time for Kanna Nidurinchara song.

9:10PM: Subbaraju character introduced as Kumara Varma.

9:08PM: Kuntala Kingdom visuals are top level

9:06PM: Entered Anushka as Devasena

9:02PM: Song visuals super and very impressive

9:00PM: Its time for Sahore Baahubali song

8:55PM: Baahubali introduction scene involving Elephants

8:52PM: Oka Praanam theme song now

8:51PM: Starts with Shivagami voice

8:50PM: Movie Started