Another Tribute for Baahubali kilkil

We already seen how the Baahubali created a strom in Telugu Film industry as well as its create a name international for Telugu movies. Same time a language was famoused with the movie thats none other is Kilkil language. Kalakeya famous with this language.

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Pop Singer Smitha came back with a tribute song on Baahubali Kilkil language.This video goes very viral in social networks crossed one million views in youtube.

Now its time to her daughter Shivi. She also done a tribute on Baahubali Kilkil and simply marvelous job by junior Smitha Shivi as a experienced singer. Specially talk about the last lines singing of Shivi is extraordinary. Smitha taken gap after her marriage she came with tribute of Baahubali song now she ready to entertain her pop albums fans.