Aadi as Villain in Sarrainodu


Aadi Pinisetty who known as a hero in Telugu and Tamil movies, more over he made more films in tamil than telugu. Sathya Prabhas is a director and brother, His latest movie Malupu is released with a positive diversion in his carrier. It was directed by Sathya Prabhas. The latest news is Aadhi is going to work with style star Allu Arjun in Sarrainodu as a Villan.

As the teaser was released with a positive and over mass script. The Allu Arjun can be seen as a lover by in all movies upto now, in this movie we can see as a Ora Mass hero. The crazy combination was mesmerizing the teaser and eagrly waiting for movie. In teaser Aadhi was half visible in the teaser. Mega fans are waiting eagerly for action sequences between the two handsome hunks.