How to watch Virtual Reality video – BaahubaliVR

Here is the Procedure of to view a virtual Reality video

Step:1 We need a Google cardboard box a smart phone with a good internet connection. There are different cardboad boxes with highend and lowend cost

Step:2 Pick your phone and download your app “cardboard” and click on the switch viewer which will bring a code scanner.

Step:3 Every cardboard box will have the code scan the code by the phone. we will get an result “Successfully paired!”

Step:4 Go to You Tube channel of Baahubali and find a video “On The Sets of Baahubali – A VR Experience”.

Step:5 Go to setting select the good quality with as per the internet speed.

Step:6 Start watching the video to view 360degrees video move the phone around as you need.

Step:7 If you don’t have the cardboard you can pan your camera around for better view of 360degrees.

Step:8 If you want to to view the video in cardboard, click the cardboad symbol in the bottom right of the video and place the phone in front of the cardboard.

Step:9 Enjoy the Virtual Reality video Experience.

Step:10 Turn the camera which ever you need in a Left, Right, Up, Bottom to experience in 360degrees.

On The Sets of Baahubali – A VR Experience