Nani speaks about Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2 show

I am very privileged to be the host of Bigg Boss 2 show and to be frankly speaking that I am not seen big boss up to now. It’s a great opportunity to connect with an individual in the house from June 10, its a better opportunity to connect people. With you all support we rock ahead. The most awaited reality show Big Boss (Season 2) hitting soon on

Nani about Bigg Boss2

Do you follow Big Boss?
No, I haven’t watched it till date. Immediately the day when I was approached for hosting the show, I started knowing about the show and the realized how big and huge hit it was, And hope will live up to the expectations in terms of leading the show as NTR has already set his mark.

When will the show start?
Everyone tells me I am like a boy next door, and with this show will definitely be a part all your families for the next 3 and a half months with this show.

How will you take this show forward?
I really have no clue how I will be leading the show, but definitely, with the craze and popularity the show has and the mark NTR has set, will definitely with this new experience try my best to make it the best.

What made you select this offer.
Maybe I am not really happy doing movies like 2 or 3 a year, now with this show, my thirst will be reduced by meeting you all through this show.

What do you have to say about team Bigg Boss?
Very professional and organized team I have ever seen. They tell me each bit to bit when to get on to the stage when to start my speech etc. They are very keen on every minute action. Sometimes when I have a doubt if I CAN DO THIS SHOW, LOOKING AT SUCH AN ANGLE TEAM BY Confidence level goes up and tell myself yes you can do it.

What kind of homework is done by you?
Of course, this is a very big challenge. When there is already a super good success for some show you have a lot of expectations built up. Though I haven’t watched the show till date will definitely try my best and looking forward.

How do you describe anything may happen with the tagline?
Anything may happen is definitely like anything may happen. You might have already watched season 1, so now in season 2, it may be with the participants or the tasks they would have. With season 1 you might have known it is like anything might happen in the show, so now we are making it more excited with the Tag that anything may happen in the show.

After you got your offer for the Big boss show did you inform Tarak about this or had a discussion with him.
After my offer, we recently met at his home and had a casual talk about it. And as this is a totally new and different concept form movies we were more discussing that we need not act unlike in movies. We can be ourselves. I have already promised him that will definitely do my best in this show

Did you take any tips from him?
Never take any tips for this show, and even I didn’t ask him for tips

Salman in Hindi and NTR in Telugu whom would you follow.
I don’t want to follow anyone basically. I will just do as per my understanding. And will promise you all that you will all like it. But 100% will not follow anyone.

Are you enjoying the stardom as Natural Star?
I am not looking at it as a status. I am more feeling this as a responsibility. Being a clean family entertainment, I should make sure this is very healthy, nice and a moral oriented show.

Chiranjeevi, Nagarjuna, NTR and now Nani. Do you think you have an opportunity early as compared?
It cannot be said early, earlier it was like movies and Tv were two different things. But now the perspective has changed. It has got equal acceptance. This is just a media to reach the audience. When stars like Chiranjeevi and Nagarjuna can do it, for me it gives confidence that even I can do

You have a tag as a Natural Star. So do you think it is to do natural acting?
Being natural and acting naturally are two different things. Here I am going to be myself which is very easy. But now how interesting it is going to be to the audience if I am natural is more challenging.

My reason for signing this show.
The main challenge is to see if I can pull off such show. When to host a show which already set its benchmark was the key point to accept and the second one is the kind of reach this show has.

Do you believe in taking 2?
I don’t believe in taking 2 but I believe in taking 1. But my cameraman Karthik has told me not to give my best in taking 1 always give in take 2. So, will give my best in season 2.

Who is your favorite host when it comes to stars.
Amitabh Bachan. I strongly believe no one can beat him in terms of hosting.

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