Jersey Day 2 Collections

Jersey Day2 Collections

Nani Jersey making a sold collections from premiers, now Day was created a huge buzz. Now for day2 also in AP and TS collections are getting good numbers.

Jersey first day primers and day1 collected 4.61crs, it was a great start and now for the Jersey second day collected 3.08crs. At USA box office jersey crossed half million mark and heading towards for a new milestone.

Area Day 2 in Crs Total Gross
Nizam 1.54 3.58
Ceded 0.27 0.65
Nellore 0.09 0.27
Krishna 0.20 0.53
Guntur 0.20 0.62
Uttarandhra 0.38 0.92
East 0.22 0.64
West 0.18 0.48
TOTAL AP/TS 3.08 7.69
USA 2.08 4.89