Khaidi No 150 Live Updates


Movie has ended now on a positive note. Keep watching this space for the complete movie review.
Maruthi has ended the film with some good thrills which has Bobbili Raaja music in the background..A true ending for Venky as he completes 30 years in the industry.
A heavy fight scene is on during the climax and all the comedian make an entry to give a comedy touch.
Movie is heading towards the climax now as all the twists regarding Nayanthara's dad have been solved
Venky's investigation is nearing its en. He is slowly solving the case
Once again some confrontation scenes between Venky and Nayanthar
Venky finds out details about Nayan's dad..
Twists in the tale being revealed now..
Brahmi is doing a decent job along with Posani..
Posani introduces Brahmi to trap Venky..Some more comedy is on..
Ok. Yet another twist. The legendary Brahmanandam makes an entry now.
Posani is trying everything possible to trap Venkatesh. Some comedy scenes are on now..
Venky has used the goggles look cleverly to cover up his aged look in all the songs.
Time for some relief..An item song featuring Sonam Bajwa is on now..
Posani is trying to help things in the second half with his comedy which is just about ok..
Time for some comedy now. Posaani makes a re-entry in this set up and is trying to create some laughters...
The movie has shifted tracks and is going on in a serious mode with Venky chasing the villain's
Maruthi is showcasing a new Venky in the second half. Full serious and with new attitude..
Now Time for a montage song now. Venky is busy in his investigation...
Change of moods and aim for Venky's character. He is now being showcased as a serious cop and gets involved in Nayan's problems
Things get serious as Nayan's entire family has been involved in this set up.
Post interval, the movie starts ona s serious note. Venky is trying to woo back Nayan in his life
Things get ever worse between Venky and Nayan.. They break up..Time for interval now...
A small misunderstanding has arised between the lead pair because of all this. An interesting interval episode is on now..
Twist in the tale yet again. Nayan's family has to do something with the villain an Venky is investigating the case. A major change in the proceedings..Movie heading towards interval.
Love track between Pruthvi and Nayan is hilarious...He is stealing the show with his comedy...
Both the stars look awesome especially in the songs. Nayanthara's look is the highlight of all the songs till now. She looks super stylish and gorgeous.
Venky is proposing to Nayan in a hilarious manner. Love strucks. Time for a song now...
Twist in the tale now. Things have gotten a bit serious with the film but the comedy has been kept intact through Pruthivi's role.
The villain has something to do with Nayanthara's father..Venky's role is automatically linked to this scenario.
Once again, time for Pruthivi's comedy. Some spoofs are being done with his character in NTR's Nannku Premtho style.
Time for the first fight in the film. Maruthi is showcasing the fight with an interesting backdrop and in a funny manner.
Some trade mark scenes featuring Posani are on now. He is an MLA.
Posani Krishna Murali makes an entry now in a funny yet negative character..
Song over. Time for villains's entry now.Things get a bit serious..
Time for the second song Snehitudo Sevakudo..Once again a decent number which comes in the background...Tune is good.
A hilarious comedy scene featuring Jabardasth comedy show actors is on now...
Venky is trying hard to woo Nayan. Comedy is quite simple and breezy. Things moving on a positive note till now.
Time for 30 years industry Pruthvi's entry now. He makes a hilarious entry as Battayi Babaji..Crowds are in splits
Comedian Vennela Kishore makes an entry now as a police constable..Instant funny scenes between Venky and him are on now..
Time for the first song Mallela Vaana now. Both the stars have been styled superbly and look half their age. Visuals are also very good.
Some comedy scenes between Venky and Nayan are on now.. Nayan looks uber cool in her new look and posh costumes.
Nayanthara has now been introduced..She looks very slim and has lost so much weight..
Venky is looking quite handsome and younger as the tough cop..A comedy fight is currently on..
Here comes the one and only Venky as ACP Krishna..Maruthi introduces him in a very funny manner.
Titles are now rolling with the flashback being narrated in the back ground.
Hai, the movie has just started with an interesting and funny flashback