Khaidi No 150 Live Updates


Khaidi No 150 Live Updates

Time: 6:08AM -Climax done, Keep watch this space for Review

Time: 6:05AM -Some emotional bits are concluding climax

Time: 5:58AM -Chiru was very showcased in climax

Time: 5:55AM -Movie heading towards climax

Time: 5:48AM -Some emotional scene, chiru speech about farmers

Time: 5:43AM - Mega power star Ram Charan's appearance in the song

Time: 5:41AM -Its time for song Ammadu Let's Do Kummudu song

Time: 5:35AM -Director VV Vinayak seen in short scene

Time: 5:32AM -Some court room scenes are on now.

Time: 5:29AM -Nagababu makes an entry as a judge.

Time: 5:25AM -Some fight scene is here.

Time: 5:22AM -Jaya Prakash Reddy makes an entry

Time: 5:19AM -Song Locations are Super and the couple seen in a very romantic

Time: 5:17AM -Time for the song, You and Me

Time: 5:15AM -Post interval, Posani just makes an entry.

After 10years also Boss came with the Same grace in class & Mass

Time: 5:04AM -Interval Now after some intresting Scenes

Time: 5:01AM -some intresting dialogues going on

Time: 4:59AM -Movie heading towards Interval bang

Time: 4:57AM -DSP Background score is very impressive

Time: 4:55AM -Some Fight scene is rolling...

Time: 4:50AM -Its time for other song Neeru Neeru. Its a quite emotional bit.

Time: 4:48AM -Movie entry into a story content

Time: 4:44AM -Scene heading with a comedy bits and dialogues.

Time: 4:40AM -Chiru first character Seenu meets with villain.

Time: 4:38AM -Locations were very super

Time: 4:35AM -Time for the second song Sundari.

Time: 4:33AM -Villain Tarun Arora makes an entry now.

Time: 4:30AM -Comedian Brahmanandam makes an entry.

Time: 4:25AM -Chiru seen as a dual role.

Time: 4:22AM -Actress Kajal makes an simple entry

Time: 4:20AM -Chiru rocking with dance.

Time: 4:18AM -Its time for first song -Rathaalu.

Time: 4:15AM - Ali makes an entry

Time: 4:10AM - Chiru shown in a jail.

Time: 4:05AM - Megastar Chiranjeevi makes an a jail..

Time: 4:00AM - Movie Stated....Title scrolling

Time: 4:00AM - Hi to all